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This has been such a crazy Senior year for our four amazing dancers... Drew Quirple, Christina Hartnett, Cassidy Kaess and Samantha Stahl; with recital, senior prom, senior trip, & graduation being interrupted by the Pandemic. Nothing can take away all that you've done or the memories you've made in the last four years of high school, and the years you have spent at SSDS. I am so very proud of you all and cheer you on as you prepare to go to college. I wish you much success and happiness in this next chapter of your life. I will miss you all, but never forget that SSDS will always be your second home - you always have a place to come back to.
xoxoxo Ms Dana (aka - Second Mom)

I wanted to take a moment to introduce to you our newest member of the SSDS Staff… Mackenzie Murray. (I borrowed the photo from fb)… lol

She comes to us with an amazing dance background in Ballet, Hiphop, Jazz & Contemporary, Zumba, & cardio barre - to name a few. 

She has choreographed for Temple University InMotion Dance Team and is very excited to share her love of dance with our younger generations.

During the day, she is a second grade elementary school teacher, and at night… well... she is now an SSDS Dance Instructor. 
I am very excited to be able to call Miss Mackenzie… “family”…. Xoxox

You will be seeing her at the studio in the near future, assisting with some of my classes… running warm-ups etc. - giving her an opportunity to meet our families and dancers.

Thank you for welcoming her with open arms. Xoxo Ms Dana

Congratulations to the cast of 
"Hansel & Gretel's Winter Adventure"  

SSDS is proud to announce the 2020 Recital Theme …. 

SSDS presents Road Trip USA

SSDS - Our Beautiful Historic Building

Stepping Stone Dance Studio, owned by Dana Stone, is located at 925 Canal Street in Bristol.

Founded in 2011 by Stone, the studio is a 10,000 square foot facility offering three large dance studios with professional hard wood floors.

The weekly schedule includes a vast array of styles of dance including Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Broadway Jazz, HipHop, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Modern, Acro (Tumbling), Cheerdance (Pomdance), Creative Theatre, Boys HipHop, Stretch, Leaps, & Turns, Adult Tap & HipHop, Yoga, and Zumba.

All levels are catered to – ages  1 & up, from the absolute beginner to advanced dancer. For beginners, classes are a fun way to get fit while gaining experience. For the more experienced dancers, classes are more advanced and challenging. Classes are taught by certified dance instructors and focus on the needs of every student, while providing an inviting, warm and nurturing non-competitive environment.1

The experienced instructors at SSDS are truly passionate and keep up with the latest trends and know how to best impart the moves. Its goal is to meet each individual dancer’s desire.

"We offer a non-competitive environment; and focus not on just dance but the growth of our students as an individual," added Dana Stone.

Every SSDS student has their own reason for dancing. Some are exploring new interests, some use dance as an extracurricular activity, some for social interaction, while others strive to become accomplished dancers; perhaps they desire dance as a career. Regardless the reason, SSDS instructors want to instill in every dancer a desire to be creative, confidence to do other activities, a love of music, to share the love & passion of dance with our local community, and to understand their physical capabilities. As dancers pass through the doors of SSDS, they will hold their time spent at the studio close to their hearts as so many other special memories they will grow old with.

One piece of advice from Ms. Dana at SSDS, "Remember your dreams have no limits. Never waste time wishing you would have done something … with hard work and dedication everything is attainable whether they are big or small. Always follow your dreams, because dreams really do come true. Dance your Dreams at Stepping Stone Dance Studio."

Safety First !!!

It’s very important to us that children be safe in our parking lot. If you are dropping off or picking up a student at SSDS, please do not stop your car in front of the double door entrance, as shown in this photo from last night’s classes. This not only creates a traffic backup, but also creates a visual barrier that is very unsafe if a child runs out from in front of your stopped vehicle. Even if you are just dropping off or picking up kids waiting outside, please pull into a parking spot. There is plenty of parking in the Courtyard parking lot, the parking lot across the gate, and parking along the building side. Drive slowly and be very aware when pulling out that kids are everywhere! Also, please ask your children to wait inside where it’s safe and warm after dark, there are benches provided in the lobby area, and if they are going to wait outside by the double doors, to please keep a jacket or sweatshirt in their dance bag so they don’t catch cold. Many dancers are coming out of a strenuous class, hot and sweaty, and waiting outside in very cold weather for their family to pick them up. We want to keep them healthy and safe! Please also be aware of the handicap spots, please leave these available for those that require a handicap spot. Thank you for putting our children’s safety first !!!

Meet your Movers & Shakers: Dana Stone
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ongrats Ms. Dana !!!!

Recycle your "Holey" Tights... Bring old tights in, and we will make hair ties to have at the studio...

Stepping Stone Dance Studio has the most amazing families. I just laid out all the dance shoes, leotards, tights , and skirts that have been donated to our dance exchange program. What a great display of love from our families. If you have dance shoes and leotards that are in good condition please bring them in. We may have a pair that you can exchange. If not know you are helping families that need the extra support. Thank you again. We are here for registrations Monday and wed from 530 to 930 pm during the summer months. Don't forget you can also register online. Love you all. Ms Dana 💜💜

You are never too old to open the door to dance. Mama Natalie is proof of that. 85 years young enjoying tap class with her daughter Eloise at SSDS. What an amazing moment for all of us. The gift of dance is truly extraordinary. I am blessed to be able to share the love and passion for dance with all my students and their families every day of my life.  Love Ms. Dana